Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (10)

The End – The Beginning and What’s Next;

The final day – Sunday – the schedule was full for about half of the morning – Again, I reminded God that the problem was being turned over to Him, and He was fully expected to take care of it. Would we be able to finish? To the mortal eye, the answer was no way. To God’s eyes, the eyes of the Spirit, the answer was yes and amen.

By mid morning we had many, many people checking back in, wanting to help us finish strong, and getting more reading assignments. By 2:00, we were down to the very last chapters. I wanted Heather to have the honors of those last chapters since she had been there at the beginning, standing beside me in faithful uncertainty. Heather read and then insisted that I read the last verse.

We shouted. We prayed that God’s word would do what it was sent to accomplish, and that we would begin o see the fruit of our actions.

Then, it “just happened”, that Sharon’s daughter had a shofar. She blew the shofar in worship and in praise, she blew the shofar in war fare, she blew the shofar for VICTORY.

Read more about it here; The Significance of the ShofarGalaxy Prime Photos 2016 391
Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 387

This event was made possible at our County Court House by a proclamation from Governor Brandstad that Iowans should  participate in the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon at their county courthouses in each county, and that Christians should read their Bibles daily until the Lord returns. Well, as you can imagine, that riled up the enemy of our souls, and brought much warfare in the direction of our Governor.

Each reader was encouraged to write a short note of encouragement to Governor

Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 424Brandstad, thanking him in their own words for his stand for both freedom of speech and for his stand for Christ and the Holy Bible. These notebooks were created in each county that participated, and will be forwarded to the Governor to give him something tangible to show that his stand was not in vain.

What’s next? Well, 52 of 99 counties participated in this reading. There is a plan in place to have the other 47 counties have readings around Labor Day. (Could be the weekend or this could be the week before.)

If you are reading this and wish to have a reading in your county, you can contact me and I can get you connected. Since we’ve already done it here in Muscatine County, doing it in other counties will be much easier. I would be happy to help you gather captains to help you and share some short cuts.

One more thing I’d like to share with you. On a prayer call with Iowa intercessors on Saturday morning, some shared “pictures or visions” they believe God showed them.

Here they are. Read them and consider.

Our Bible reading is like throwing a stone in a pond. The stone causes concentric circles, moving out ward.

Even more than that, ripplesit is like MANY pebbles being tossed into the water, (bigger than a pond) and moving outward.

But then, it is more like hailstones breaking violently over the face of the water. Who knows where hose ripples end?

Our prayer was that the reverberations and ripples to increase, that the enemies power be broken by the Word of God, being sent forth to finish all it is sent to accomplish, and not return void. (empty)


I want to thank you so much for staying with this blog series. My prayer is that you can be encouraged, and see that even though it is much bigger than you, if GOD asks you to do something, He will always provide.

After all, it’s not your problem any way is it?

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