Have You Authorized Any Updates Lately?

Sometimes we get to choose what updates to take,

And which ones to walk  away from.

Before the beginning of this year,

I was offered an update.

It wasn’t a hard sell.

 No one pushed or pulled.

There was no bait and switch.

The opportunity was an amazing one,

and I was given all the time needed to make the right decision.

Several years of training were already under my belt for this very thing.

So slowly I began to observe this group.

I began to spend time with its members to see if it would indeed be a good fit.

I also used this time to tie up some loose ends so as to be able to fully commit to the tasks at hand.

The authorization to update was given.

Now some time has passed and it is time to begin installation.

New files are being copied.

The tasks are tasks I am accustomed to,

but as much as they are the same,

they are also different.

Click to continue?


I believe so.

But where to begin.

Where all things begin.

At the beginning.

The excitement I felt at the beginning when I was asked,

was exhilarating.

Then the clicking began for all the updates,

Making all the settings so they would work well.

A little while into my observation of the members,

I began to realize how much I could so work with them.

Their hearts match mine.

Even so,

they are much more mature in their handling of the program.

A maturity that comes with the doing.

The learning process will be no doubt be spread out over much time.

Something else came to me after spending time observing these members.

That is the knowledge that this thing is so much bigger than what I had

imagined some months ago when it was only a thought.

Knowing things in my head,

reading things on paper,

and then actually beginning to DO what I said I would,

are two totally different issues.

Miles apart.

Who authorized these updates anyway?

Then came the knowing.

Way down in my knower.

This is right.

This is what I was created for.

This is what I’ve been trained for.

This what will give glory to the God who created me.

Fearfully and wonderfully He did.

Click to continue?

You bet.



You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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