Significant Encounter Friday #2

Welcome to the second post for Significant Encounter Friday.


In last week’s post, we ended with the idea that we never know

Which one of our words will be someone else’s Significant Encounter.


Following is a simple example of just that.

I went to the beautiful wedding of the daughter of a friend.

Everything about it was amazing.        

The brides dress was incredible,

The dress the miniature brides maid wore,

Mirrored the design of the brides dress.


I commented to my friend that it was a perfect dress.

I asked her where she got one so small.

Her answer was that she made it herself.


She then went on to tell that all the while she was making it,

She thought she could not do it,

But kept hearing my voice,

Saying her name and telling her that she could do this.


Somewhere in our history,

I had told her that she could do something that she thought she could not.

Every time she wanted to quit on that amazing dress,

She heard my voice encouraging her on.


Sometimes our Significant Encounters come in packages we do not recognize.

Random conversations.

Unexpected acts of kindness.

Coincidental happenings.

Chance meetings.

God moments disguised as everyday life.

With the ability to change the way we see things.


What random, unexpected, coincidental, chance kind of things

Have changed the way you experience your life today?

What in your life would qualify as a Significant Encounter?



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