Pavlov’s Dog – Quietude

If you’re looking for content, then this probably isn’t the blog post you want to watch.

However, if you are looking for a place to get a moments rest so that you can continue your day, then you re in the right spot.

Let me tell you why. puts it this way;

Pavlov’s Dogs  [(pav-lawfs, pav-lawvz)]

The dogs used in conditioned response experiments by a Russian scientist of the late nineteenth century, Ivan Pavlov.  In these experiments, Pavlov sounded a bell while presenting                                                                food to a dog, thereby stimulating the natural flow of saliva in              the dog’s mouth. After the procedure was repeated several times,   the dog would salivate at the sound of the bell, even when no food                                       was presented.

Now, you’re not a dog, and I don’t want to make you salivate, but as my daughter has told me, she has a Pavlovian response to rain/thunder storms. She hears them, she wants to sleep. In the short video in this post, you likely won’t have time to fall asleep, but you will have time to get your mind a little bit of rest.

So go ahead. Close your eyes for a minute, and test the theory.

Let me know in the comments what you think.


Midday Rain

There is nowhere on earth that hosts a thunderstorm the way the Mid West does.

This was by far not the worst storm we’ve seen,

But the clouds before it were pretty incredible.

The sound of rain, invites us to rest.

I invite you to join me.

Rest well.


The Spring Council

The re-entry to my home after a three week trip, was a little more intense than anticipated.

I so missed posting my usual Monday post.

I have not put a post together for this week, but I was working on a different project.

Turns out, I can’t use it for it’s intended purpose, so I thought I’d just post it here.

Kind of a filler, if you will.

I was researching why starlings/black birds, swarm, or murmurate, in the spring.

Some scientists believe it is because there is safety in numbers. Some think they meet together to exchange information, such as locations for good food. As quickly as they gather, they take flight, their movements as one, and their wings making a murmuring sound. Murmuration.

These birds gather behind and around my house during the first part of Spring.

They are raucously noisy. Wonderful to watch, and gone in as little as two days.

I have to wonder what their very loud “Spring Council” is all about!


I missed being there when they decided to move.

Please use the following link to see what happens when these noisy little guys decide to move all at once. (Linked because I did not obtain copyright permission)

I hope you find them as fascinating as I did!

Click here for → Starling Murmuration video clips.