How Did You Spend Your Weekend?

My husband is the Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Muscatine County.

RTMC is just one affiliate of Rebuilding Together (, a nationwide non-profit that helps people stay in their homes – Safe, warm, and independent.

RTMC uses volunteer hours, and corporate dollars, to give low income home owners, disabled American vets, and families with small children, safe, warm dwellings, at no cost to them.

We are helping our community one home at a time.

I wanted to share with you how we spent our weekend.

Coming Out of Quarantine – It Just Needs Done

Some things in life just happen, and you don’t see them coming. You get blindsided.  As with most of our new friends here at Rebuilding Together Muscatine County, these things happen, leaving people not knowing where to turn for help. This is one such story. This man’s beloved wife, although really quite young, had a… Read More →

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