Friday Favorites – Flashback!

This Friday Favorite is a bit like time travel.

We’re going back in time to 2010, when the oldest of our seven grand children was just nine or so.

At that time his class room read a book called ⇾Flat Stanley⇽.

Our grandson Wyatt brought home his flat namesake – Flat Wyatt.

Flat Wyatt proceeded with us on our trip to San Jose’, California.

This Friday Favorite is made up of just a few of the places we visited.

Fifteen days on the road with my Hubby, and yes, still best friend.
We took along a little guy named Flat Wyatt.  The whole trip, he never complained once.  He certainly saw more than he thought he would!  I’ll introduce you to him here,

Friday morning we left on our adventure to the west coast.

We arrived in Littleton, Colorado at the home of our dear friends John and Sue around 6:00 pm.

We had a wonderful visit, and Wyatt enjoyed helping John and Sue to make breakfast before we left for more of our journey.

The Quaking Aspens were at their peak of color, and the views on the way to Telluride were unbelievably beautiful.

On the road to

Settled by Grampa’s ancestors.

Said to be once the richest man west of the Mississippi.

We toured Arches State Park in Utah. Grampa thought it looked like God just took some red clay and said “I’ll just throw this here.”

Here’s Flat Wyatt posing in front of “Balancing Rock” and showing you just how tall some of these rock formations were.

Some of the rocks looked like giants telling each other secrets, some looked like big cookies, and one even looked like an elephants behind!

God sure has a great sense of beauty, and a sense of humor too!

On Tuesday Night we stayed in the Hayward/Castro Valley, CA area.

We visited the place where Grampa spent a lot of time while he was in the Navy. It was called the Port O’ Call/ Neighborhood Church of Castro Valley.

It is in fact where Grampa met Jesus as his Savior.

We got to go inside and see the changes that have been made over the years.

Grampa got to catch up on some history that has happened since he left the area.

Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Everyone knows these ladies!

But do they know that truck?

Well, we saw much more, but sadly, as often happens with digital, some files were corrupted, and therefore are no more.

But I hope you enjoyed this mini tour across America with Flat Wyatt!

Until next time …

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