Calmer Than Calm?

Do people look to you as a peace maker?




Low-key personality

Easygoing and relaxed

Calm, cool and collected

Patient, well balanced

Consistent life

Quiet but witty

Sympathetic and kind

Keeps emotions hidden

Happily reconciled to life

All-purpose person

As a Parent;

Makes a good parent

Takes time for the children

Is not in a hurry

Can take the good with the bad

Doesn’t get upset easily

At Work;

Competent and steady

Peaceful and agreeable

Has administrative ability

Mediates problems

Avoids conflicts

Good under pressure

Finds the easy way

As a Friend;

Easy to get along with

Pleasant and enjoyable


Good listener

Dry sense of humor

Enjoys watching people

Has many friends

Has compassion and concern


Not exciting

Try to get enthused

Resist change

Try something new

Seem lazy

Don’t procrastinate

Motivate yourself

Have a quiet will of iron

Learn to communicate your feelings

Appear wishy-washy


Practice making decisions

Learn to say no

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