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The Food – Israel

I’m pretty boring when it comes to food.

I like what I like, and it’s hard for me to try new things.

I’ve always said I’d make a terrible missionary.

Not because of the missionary part, but because of the dietary part!

Now, I’ve never been on an “All inclusive” anything before, so when I saw the amount of food provided for our breakfast, and supper, I was stunned.

The variety was out of this world, and the amount was obscene.

The photos in this post concerning food are from a Google search.

I was far too busy eating the food to take photos of it.

The first two days, I did manage to eat some new foods.

New foods, new spices.

After that, opted for the more familiar fare; much easier on the insides.

There were a few things we found interesting about the food served to us while we were there;

  • Of course, no bacon
  • No meat was served in the morning
  • No dairy was served a supper time

Meat and Dairy

Any meat (the flesh of birds and mammals) cannot be eaten with dairy. Utensils that have come into contact with meat (while hot) may not be used with dairy and vice versa. In addition, utensils that have come into contact with non-kosher food (while hot) may not be used with kosher food.

Pareve Foods

Kosher food is divided into three categories: meat, dairy, and pareve. The pareve foods are considered neutral and can be eaten with either milk or meat.

  • All fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, nuts, beans, and legumes are kosher. Note, however, that with the exception of a small number of locust species, bugs are not kosher. As a result, the use of certain fruits and vegetables is now considered controversial in certain Orthodox circles, over concerns about insect infestation. 
  • Eggs, fruits, vegetables, and grains are considered pareve, or neutral, and can be eaten with either meat or dairy. Fish is also considered pareve, but some kosher observant Jews do not cook or eat fish with meat.
  • Grape products (including juice and wine) must be produced by Jews in order to be considered kosher. 

Information from https://www.thespruceeats.com/jewish-dietary-laws-2121753

So enough of this, I’m hungry now.

I hope you’ll join me again next time for Day #4.

Day 3 – Jerusalem

On day three of our convocation, we heard again from Dan Juster, (http://www.kkcj.org/people/info/dan-juster), also from Aglow’s President and CEO Jane Hansen Hoyt (https://www.aglow.org/about-us/president-ceo).

During the time between sessions, we loaded on to a bus, and traveled to Revive Israel. (https://www.reviveisrael.org/ ).

To Revive Israel
A short walk down the hill to Revive Israel

Note: The rear view mirrors on the bus are on the front of the bus; and they’re still there!

We’re getting closer!

I’ve always wanted to go here; Finally!

Here We are!

At Revive Israel, we were able to worship together under the anointing of the house worship team.

Our Father, who art in Heaven…

At first blush, I was quite underwhelmed.

But as God often does, He shows Himself awesome in seemingly unassuming ways.

I found Revive Israel to me modest, and small, and FULL of God’s presence.

Through Revive Israel, we were introduced to Kite-pride. (https://www.israel21c.org/kite-pride-creates-jobs-for-ex-victims-of-the-sex-industry/)

We came away with our own Kite-pride bags – and the knowledge that someone formerly from the sex trades, is getting a start on a new life!

From Revive Israel

Come with me next time for Day #4’s adventure!

Day #2 Revisited – Exploring – Finding Food

“On this day, after the morning session, Frank and I went walking in the neighborhood around the Dan Hotel.

We shared a delightful lunch along the way; but I’ll share about that little jaunt later on in a different post.”

Well here is that post.

Each day we had some time in between Session 1 and Session 2, free time, to do whatever resting or exploring we wanted to do.

The first day, we took our bus ride back to the hotel for a nap.

Which turned out not to be as much of a nap, as a crash.

We had no idea just how tired we really were.

On day two, we decided on a walk around the neighborhood to find lunch.

We had our first encounter with falafel. Oh my goodness! It is served with your choice of sweet and savory additions, inside a pita pocket.

The place we first encountered this food, was no bigger than my living room; a place open to the street; charming.

We ate a lot of falafel while in Israel.

After eating, we went on a exploration through the neighborhoods around the Dan Jerusalem Hotel.

A very nice home

We wanted to wander a bit, and perhaps see a piece of everyday life in this place.

Many homes were surrounded by stone walls or ornate fences.

What we found, was that every street was different.

The unifying factor was the color of the stone. (referenced here; https://significantencounters.com/2019/09/27/day-2-jerusalem/)

Traffic on the edge of the neighborhood.

About a block before turning onto this busy street again, we passed a school.

The children, like children everywhere, playing outside for recess. (I took no photos, because, kids!)

The laughter of children, a language we understood, a language universal.

One of my favorite views!

A very small park in the midst of a stone and concrete neighborhood.

A breath of fresh air, and a glimpse of Jerusalem.

The neighborhood changes a bit.

On the way back; reminiscent of a small town factory district, but still, family dwellings.

Turning back toward the hotel.

Although our walk was short, the heat of the day was catching up, so we headed back.

We would see many more neighborhoods on our further travels during the week.

Best view from these windows!

It was a very different type of feeling walking through these places, knowing that we were actually IN JERUSALEM!

A place many want to go, and relatively few, get to experience.

Contrary to popular belief; Never, ever, did we feel unsafe.

Another lovely home.

In my childhood dreams, this would have been a palace.

I wonder how the inhabitants think of it.

Does it look like home to you?

Home at the end of our loop.

The last home before our return to the Dan.

Not sure if the bars are for protection, or simply ornamental. (Did I mention we always felt safe?)

A bright spot in all of the neutral color.

We made it back in time to catch the second bus, and a nap at our own hotel.

Join me next time for Day #3.

Day #2 – Jerusalem

Tuesday morning began with another trip to the Dan Jerusalem Hotel.

Our speaker was Dan Juster.

Dr. Juster’s resume is a long and full one. (http://www.kkcj.org/people/info/dan-juster) His overall focus has been the Messianic Jewish movement since 1972.

The morning drive began simply enough.

Our driver took us a different way than the freeway on this morning.

It was quite like the morning drive you might experience in the states.

Traffic builds.

It was neat to drive through some neighborhoods as the people began to go about their days.

Proof that people, are just people.

Students awaiting their time to cross.

I can’t say that I remember seeing a bus anywhere.

My thought was that these kids were all within walking distance of their schools.

I did not think to ask.

Back on the freeway.

There were to things that we all noticed about Jerusalem.

Construction. Everywhere.

And clogged up traffic because of the construction.

New construction abounds!

According to codes, all buildings must be built with the same color palette.

Due highly to the availability of stone resources.

If it was not built of local stone, it was built in concrete in the same color.

The effect of the color palette is striking!

Most of the building we saw, was up.

There did not seem to be much horizontal land available.

The joke was that the national bird, was the crane.

Cranes on the horizon.

Much of our morning drive was next to construction.

Traffic pushing through, next to enormous quarry like holes.Thes bus drivers – were simply masters at traversing it all.

We were quite surprised they had any mirrors left at all!

A pleasant site amidst the traffic.

It’s hard to imagine what the terrain must have been like when Jesus walked here.

Israel has done a fine job taking rough terrain, and making it into something beautiful.

So happy we had a bus and not just sandled feet for our journey.

Tunnels. Through solid rock.

How on earth do they do that?

On this day, after the morning session, Frank and I went walking in the neighborhood around the Dan Hotel.

We shared a delightful lunch along the way; but I’ll share about that little jaunt later on in a different post.

I hope you are enjoying your little arm chair tour.

I’ll see you next time for Day #3.

Day #1 – Jerusalem

The sun comes up over Jerusalem.

Let the journey begin.

Did I mention we were waking up in Jerusalem?

View of Jerusalem – from the Dan Hotel

Every year Aglow International (https://www.aglow.org/) has an enormous conference somewhere in the continental United States.

This year it was decided that that meeting would take place in Israel, in Jerusalem.

Called a “Holy Convocation*”, as many as could, joined on site, while others partook via livestream, a little closer to their homes.

No words.

It was quite overwhelming to see this land that God has always loved so much.

Worship with around 850 of our closest friends.

We came to praise and worship God, and to fellowship with like minded individuals.

Our hearts and our purpose, bring us together as one; as Family.

Words of encouragement from our leader Jane Hansen Hoyt.

Jane’s words are both powerful and encouraging.

Her love for Christ is evident in the way she acts, speaks, and conducts business.

She is not afraid to listen for what God is saying for Aglow, herself and for Israel.


Our day began with Jane speaking in the morning.

Seconded by a bus ride back to our own hotel for a jet lag ridden nap.

In the evening we were back at the Dan Hotel, for more praise and worship, and a riveting message by Asher Intrater.



The bus ride back to our hotel did not seem as long since we had already traveled it once.

And we would travel it many times before our three days of convocating were finished.

And that my friend, is a story in itself.

Hope to see you next time.

*Convocation = 1.a large formal assembly of people. 2.the action of calling people together for a large formal assembly.

Best Place to Start

So I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

I have had so many opportunities to go to Israel with Aglow International.

(https://www.aglow.org/ )

Honestly, I never wanted to go until my husband could go with me.

It’s not nearly as fun telling a loved one about a trip, as it is experiencing that trip with them.

So on opportunity 19 – We were on our way!

The longest part of the flight was ten hours.

I’m not sure how people who travel all the time get used to it.

It was light when we boarded our first plane, but by the time we were over the ocean, it was too dark to see. (Insert sad face here)

I was able to get some pretty photos while flying the friendly skies though.

Airlines vary in how they authorize what you can take on the plane, and what you cannot.

I believe the strongest, and also the safest, was our flight on El AL Israel Airlines.

We were glad to be a bit early to go through their security, they were thorough, kind and quite serious about our safety. (And theirs I’m quite sure.)

When we arrived at our resting place in Jerusalem, we saw this on the side of a nearby hotel;

After our arrival, and finding that I had left my phone on the bus, we went to our room and tried to rest; which was not the easiest thing to do.

We were blessed by the fact that the travel company we used, actually owned the bus, and so my phone was returned to me the very next morning.

The view from our hotel.

Next time, I’ll share Day #1 in Israel.

I’d love it if you join me.