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This morning I read a post on a Facebook page of a friend.

It was not written by her, she just simply shared it.

The writer began by saying that they were a liberal.

They stated that up front.

Liberal, conservative or somewhere in the middle, didn’t matter too much to me.

I respect my friend, and her opinions, and wanted to see what she was thinking about.

You see I believe that we all have the right to our own beliefs.

I rarely, if ever, share my political views to the general public.

There are two main reasons why;

One being that I HATE confrontation. I want to live in peace, and

Two, because I believe that each one of us has the right to think what we want to.

Each of us sees everything we see, through a different lens;

world view, experiences, training, maybe you had a wonderful life, or maybe yours was full of pain and abuse;

The nuances of which are just too many, and too difficult to explain. 

Who am I to judge?

Now, I did not agree with each point that the writer had written, but I thought that the writer’s points were well thought out, and presented in a fairly non-confrontational way.

The ideas in the post were presented with minimal name calling, and was not super in my face.

Just listing ideas, and why they had them.

People –

We can learn from each other whether we fully agree or not.

We may or may not change each others minds.

But we can “seek first to understand”.

and we can still love each other,

because we are all part of the HUMAN race.


Thanks for reading.

Thanks for sharing.

And thanks for not shaming people to make them believe the way that you do.

It’s important!

Until next time …

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