“What if?”

From the past. Even more relevant today! (2010)

Significant Encounters


I hear these words all around.

People are always asking “What if?”

The question itself is not a bad one.

I wish the context was different.

Here’s what I mean;

  •       “What if” it rains?
  •       “What if” I get fired?
  •       “What if” it doesn’t fit?
  •       “What if” I make the wrong choice?
  •       “What if” I don’t know any other way to go?
  •       “What if” it doesn’t work?

You get the idea.

What usually follows “What if?” is negative.

“What if?” we were to turn that around?

  •       “What if” it doesn’t rain?
  •       “What if” getting fired opens up new opportunities for you?
  •       “What if” it’s too big?
  •       “What if” the choice I make is someone else’s Significant Encounter?
  •       “What if” the way I go is far more glorious than the way I’ve always gone?
  •       “What if” it does work?

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