Let me just say that I am well acquainted with;

  • Fear
  • Abuse – Physical, emotional, and sexual
  • Rejection
  • Shame
  • Abandonment
  • Addiction

It was because of a “Significant Encounter” of the God kind that each of those issues continues to be resolved.

You’ll find some help here along the way with some of these issues.

You will also find some other random fun stuff like photos, and memes, and a post, or several about whatever I may be thinking about on any given day.

A veritable potpourri offerings, and a hope that you may find your very own Significant Encounter with the God who created you.

Always remember;

That “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”. Psalm 139:14b

If you are interested in some of my life stories, you can read them in small portions on my original blog at Treasure Hunter.


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