Spirit Filled Personality


As we saw in the previous posts, each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The neatest thing to know is that God made you just the way you are.

He did not make a mistake.  He wanted you to be uniquely you.  He wanted your special kind of voice in the world.

In His creating of you, He had a certain something in mind for you to do.  He made you for a certain something that only you can accomplish.

Consider with me for just one moment that your special voice is not being heard in the world because of an enemy. 

Consider an enemy of such great malevolence and hatred for your soul that his goal from your very beginning was to silence you. Please consider also, that God’s word says that it is really very true.

Wait a minute!  If this is so, then I don’t stand a chance!  Au contraire!  Quite the opposite!

Beloved, I have one more thing for you to consider.

The God, who made you, gave you a way to rewrite your story.  This God of the universe sent you a love letter, and in this love letter, He told you all you need to know about life and godliness. 

In other words, He’s given you all you need to know about how to make your own special voice heard in the midst of all the others.

Let’s just take one step today.  Shall we? 

In the previous posts about Personality Types, there was a short list of four basic types of personality.  Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic.

Look at the separate traits of each and define which types you mostly find yourself in.  There will probably be two that are the most prominent.

With those two in mind, take a peek at the lists with your two most prominent types.

Look first at the strengths.  See how amazing you are?  No other person is made the exact same way.  You are unique.

Now look at your weaknesses.  See how amazing you still are?  No other person is made the exact same way.  You are unique.

Here’s where the fun begins.  Choose the two weaknesses you dislike the most.  Choose even one if two is too many. 

Choose the smallest one if you need to.  Just choose something.

Now go to Galatians 5:22-23. (NIV)  Or read it here.

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.


My major is the choleric.  My chart says that I like to be in charge and am work oriented.  These are not bad things unless taken to the extreme.

In my “taking charge” I can unintentionally run right over the quieter types like the melancholy or phlegmatic, inflicting unintentional damage on them.

Since I like to work, I can actually be doing a task from morning to night without stopping or paying attention to any other duties I may have in my life.

Since I enjoy my work, I can be an aggravation to my family.  They like to chat; they need clean clothes and at times really appreciate being fed.  All of these things are overlooked by me when I’m on a task.

Since I enjoy plans that work, and I know that 99% of the time my plans do work, I can be in charge and be pretty harsh about it. 

Other people don’t care if it works or not if the leader runs ruff-shod over them. 

They tend to run, or at the least, just fade away slowly, leaving me upset to be finishing up alone.

To deal with the control issues, I chose forbearance and gentleness from the list in Galatians.  I chose self-control for my work issues.  Then I prayed.


Today I see that I’ve not been too patient or gentle with the people around me.

Please help me to notice what I am doing, and to take time to remember that the way they do the task will still get the task done.

Help me to have self-control, and know when to stop.  Everything does not have to be finished today, but I can have another go at it tomorrow.

I so want the “Fruits of the Spirit” to be evident in my life.

Thank you for your help Lord.



Studies have proven that it takes twenty one days to break a habit. (These numbers change depending on the study, but the principle is the same)  I believe some take longer. 

I have prayed this prayer or one like it many times.  The change in me began slowly, but has picked up momentum, and my weaknesses are easier to spot (since they do try to return) and easier to stop, now more than ever.

I found after this prayer that I’m actually pretty introverted – I can be both – tied to my work, or in charge.

You will “know in your knower” when you are making progress, and you will also know when it is time to go to another item in the list, and work on it.

Just don’t give up!  Keep on going!

Galatians 6:9   (NIV)

9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Thanks for joining me in this little series. I hope you have found it helpful in finding how just how you’re wired.

If you would like to ask questions or have further discussions on this topic, feel free to comment, or contact me via IM.

Quietest One Around?

Are you the quietest one that people know?




Deep and thoughtful


Serious and purposeful

Genius prone

Talented and creative

Artistic and musical

Philosophical and poetic

Appreciative of beauty

Sensitive to others




As a Parent

Sets high standards

Wants everything done right

Keeps home in good order

Picks up after children

Sacrifices own will for others

Encourages scholarship and talent

At Work

Schedule oriented

Perfectionist, high standards

Detail conscious

Persistent and thorough

Orderly and organized

Neat and tidy


Sees the problems

Finds creative solutions

Needs to finish what is started

Likes charts, graphs, figures and lists

As A Friend

Makes friends cautiously

Content to stay in the background

Avoids causing attention

Faithful and devoted

Will listen to complaints

Can solve others’ problems

Deep concern for other people

Moved to tears with compassion

Seeks ideal mate


Easily depressed

Realize no one like gloomy people

Don’t look for trouble

Don’t get hurt so easily

Look for positives

Low self image

Search out the source of your insecurities

Listen for evidence of “False humility”


Get the “Right things” before starting

Don’t spend too much time planning

Unrealistic demands on others

Relax your standards

Be grateful you understand your temperament

Life of the Party?

Can you turn any situation into a party?




Appealing personality

Talkative, storyteller

Life of the party

Good sense of humor

Memory for color

Physically holds on to the listener

Emotional and demonstrative

Enthusiastic and expressive

Cheerful and bubbling over


Good on stage

Wide-eyed and innocent

Lives in the present

Changeable disposition

Sincere at heart

Always a child

As a Parent;

Makes home fun

Is liked by children’s friends

Turns disaster into humor

Is the circus master

At Work;

Volunteers for jobs

Thinks up new activities

Looks great on the surface

Creative and colorful

Has energy and enthusiasm

Starts in a flashy way

Inspires others to join

Charms others to work

As a Friend;

Makes friends easily

Loves people

Thrives on compliments

Seems exciting

Envied by others

Doesn’t hold grudges

Apologizes quickly

Prevents dull moments

Likes spontaneous activities


Talk too much

Need to learn to talk half as much

Need to watch for signs of boredom in their audience

Need to learn to condense their comments

Stop exaggerating



Learn to be sensitive to other peoples

Learn to listen

Uncultivated Memories

Learn to pay attention to names

Write things down

Don’t forget the children

Fickle and forgetful friends

Learn to not be a fair weather friend

Learn to put others first

Interrupt and answer for others

Stop trying to fill in the gaps

Realize every ones response time is different

Disorganized and immature

Pull your life together

Grow up

Calmer Than Calm?

Do people look to you as a peace maker?




Low-key personality

Easygoing and relaxed

Calm, cool and collected

Patient, well balanced

Consistent life

Quiet but witty

Sympathetic and kind

Keeps emotions hidden

Happily reconciled to life

All-purpose person

As a Parent;

Makes a good parent

Takes time for the children

Is not in a hurry

Can take the good with the bad

Doesn’t get upset easily

At Work;

Competent and steady

Peaceful and agreeable

Has administrative ability

Mediates problems

Avoids conflicts

Good under pressure

Finds the easy way

As a Friend;

Easy to get along with

Pleasant and enjoyable


Good listener

Dry sense of humor

Enjoys watching people

Has many friends

Has compassion and concern


Not exciting

Try to get enthused

Resist change

Try something new

Seem lazy

Don’t procrastinate

Motivate yourself

Have a quiet will of iron

Learn to communicate your feelings

Appear wishy-washy


Practice making decisions

Learn to say no

All Your Ducks in a Row?

Thanks for coming back!

Are all your ducks in a row? You could be




Born leader

Dynamic and active

Compulsive need for change

Must correct wrongs

Strong willed and decisive


Not easily discouraged

Independent and self sufficient

Exudes confidence

Can run anything

As a Parent;

Exerts sound leadership

Establishes goals

Motivates family into action

Knows the right answer

Organizes household

At work;

Goal oriented

Sees the whole picture

Organizes well

Seeks practical solutions

Move quickly into action

Delegates work

Insists on production

Makes the goal

Stimulates activity

Thrives on opposition

As a Friend;

Has little need for friends

Will work for group activity

Will lead and organize

Is usually right

Excels in emergencies


Tend toward being workaholics

They need to learn to relax and not feel guilty about it

They need to be aware that sometimes they pressure others into their way of doing things

They need to plan leisure activity

Have the need to be in control


They need to learn to respond to other leadership

They need to be careful not to look down on “The Dummies”

They need to learn to stop manipulating

Don’t know how to handle people

They need to practice patience

They need to keep their advice until it is asked for

They need to tone down their approach

They need to stop arguing and causing trouble

Are right, but unpopular

They need to let someone else be right

They need to learn to apologize

They need to admit to their faults

Do you see yourself?

If not,

stay tuned for more on other personality strengths and weaknesses!

I Did It Backwards

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Do you know, really? 

Or are you like many others, and just feel a lot of confusion about that?

Not only do you not know who you are, but you can’t help but listen when others try and convince you who THEY think you should be.

I did it backwards.  It took forty plus years to get here.  I’d love it if I could save you all that time and trauma by helping you to start in the right order.

I spent a lifetime trying to figure out what I was and where I was.  What I didn’t realize is that I first had to know WHO I was.

So won’t you join me for the next five posts, where we’ll look at some different personality types, and how they apply to you.

Finding out about these was a super helpful step for me.

I know exactly who I am; I also know that I keep growing and changing into a more fully developed me.

I invite you to come along for Cliffs Notes version look at your personality.

See you next time.


#100 Somethings

A friend of mine began a new challenge this month. It’s called #100DayProject.

I told her that I didn’t think I could do 100 days of anything. She told me to remember that it is not necessary to check in every day.

Her recommendation was to just do 100 of anything.

So here’s what I decided.

I will attempt #100DaysofSomething – Translated, that means I’ve begun a list of 100 topics to write a blog posts about.

Today I reached #13.

Whenever I use one of them for a post, I’ll tag them with #100DaysofSomething.

Do you have anything you would like to add to the list?

This challenge is truly a challenge for me. I am pretty tenacious about the things that I do, but still seem to have consistency issues with posting.

I’m believing this can be part of the remedy.

Care to add an idea?

Ready? Go!